New Plan Alert!

We’re boosting your lunches…the Fortify Way!

We know how it is…prioritising your lunches is always the last thing on your mind. You’re finally done from your busy day and you’re curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea in hand, a sweet treat in the other…then you realise you forgot to prep your lunch for work the next day! 

Whenever this happens, more often than not, we tend to stay on that sofa and order take-out the next day. Finding something remotely healthy for lunch is a struggle which means that we tend to resort to less-healthy options that leave us sluggish and tired for the remainder of the day. 

That’s where Fortify Meals comes in! Our new plan will solve all of your lunchtime problems. No more ordering junk food or eating leftover dinner for lunch. We have got you covered with our Lunch Boost Plan. 

The Lunch Boost Plan offers a variety of lunches on a daily basis that is perfect to simply store in the fridge and just grab and go before you head to work. From curries, salads, sushi bowls, and more, Lunch Boost has it all. 

Apart from the endless variety of meals, with a menu changed up weekly, the Lunch Boost meals are also equipped with all the nutrients that your body needs to be productive and feel energised throughout the day. The meals are full of healthy protein, carbs and fats that are designed to help you focus and not crash after lunchtime. 

Our new plan will also save you time. Your time is precious so treat it as such. We will handle all the preparation and cooking of your lunches while you can focus on being the best that you can be throughout the day! 

Fortify Meals is here to help you achieve your goals. Never compromise your healthy eating again! Let us fuel your day with healthy meals on a daily basis!

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