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Lunch Boost

Never Go Hungry

We know how it is…juggling work and your personal life can be a mighty task in itself. When you don’t have time to meal prep, you will most likely end up opting for quick meals that are high in calories and will not necessarily fuel your body. 

We have just the right solution for you…to never brush off healthy lunches ever again! Introducing Lunch Boost…a plan that offers a variety of lunches on a daily basis that are ideal to grab and go during the day. Forget about the hassle of sifting through endless menus to try and find a healthier option for your lunch.

 Lunch Boost has it all…the variety, and the nutrients that your body needs to be productive and feel energised throughout the day. 

Your time is precious so treat it as such. Let us handle your lunches while you focus on being the best that you can be! 

Never compromise your eating again. Let us fuel your day with daily healthy meals!

1. View the menu

2. Choose the Number of Days

All plans start on Monday, last order accepted on Saturday end of day.


Meal Plans are delivered every:
Sunday with Monday and Tuesday meals
Tuesday with Wednesdays and Thursdays Meals
Thursday with Friday, Saturday and Sunday meals

3. Choose the Number of Weeks

4. Level Up!

Upgrade to Premium Service for only €10 a day & benefit from:

Allowance to alternate your weekly menu*
Flexible in time delivery & location
Weekly follow-up by our Executive Chef
Pause & resume plan at your own convenience

* including allergens, likes & dislikes

If you opt for our Standard Service, meal plans cannot be customised and you will be given an allocated time slot for your delivery.
Our Premium Service allows for more personalisation and accommodation towards your busy lifestyle.

All our meal plans are delivered freshly cooked, ready for consumption after a simple 2 minute re-heat.
The plans also include their accompanied side dishes, including seasonal vegetables.

This Meal Plan is on a Subscription Service.


Our meal plans are not intended as medical advice. All nutrition information is provided as a courtesy and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Although Fortify Meals attempts to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures are estimates. Under no circumstances will Fortify Meals be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your reliance on the nutritional information provided on our website. While working with a certified nutritionist, we cannot guarantee improvements to specific conditions or weight loss without a personal consultation. We advise you to check your medical practitioner’s guidelines to make sure any of our meal plans comply with your health state and fitness level.