7 Ways To Increase Productivity And Maximise Your Time At Work.

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” says ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus. Even today, it remains a priceless asset and a waste of time can never be reversed or stopped. 

But with proper techniques and tools, we can maximise your time and help you be more productive at work. Here are 7 ways you can do today to do more with our limited time. 

1. Use the Eisenhower Box

The first step to maximizing your time is to know what’s important and eliminate unnecessary tasks. The Eisenhower Box makes it easy to do, decide, delegate and delete tasks out of your list. Use it at the start of a workday to focus on what’s important. 

2. Focus On One Task At A Time

When you juggle projects and tasks, getting things done may be more difficult. Instead, focus on one at a time. It increases your productivity without wasting time transitioning from one task to another. 

3. Take Regular Short Breaks 

While avoiding breaks is tempting, neglecting some time out can result in burnout or fatigue, harming your health and productivity. Consider several short breaks to recharge, clear your mind, and prepare for the next task. 

4. Meal Prep Your Meals 

Do you know most people spend 20% of their life thinking about food? When it comes to work, thinking about lunch every day, going out for lunch, or eating unhealthy food makes you lose energy and become lethargic. Meanwhile, meal prepping during the weekend or subscribing to a healthy Meal Plan can save you time.

5. Set Self-Imposed Deadlines.

Giving yourself a deadline for each task can help you plan, prioritise, focus and meet your goals easier. Try it today on an open-ended task and see how focused and productive you can be as the deadline comes closer.

6. Meetings Can Be Emails.

Yes, meetings can be the biggest enemy of productivity. Before booking your next meeting, ask whether you can accomplish the same goals or tasks via email and learn to say no to discussions that can be counter-productive. You can save your time and get things done during that time. 

7. Learn To Speak Up For Yourself.

We waste time by taking tasks that aren’t ours and not discussing things that destroy our productivity. The solution to your problem either lies in your hand or your supervisor. Address the issues and get answers so you can move on and focus on things that matter. 

The ability to dedicate time to specific tasks, complete them, and end your workday with quality output can be an overall measure of your productivity and value to your workplace. By following these simple steps, you can see an immediate change in your productivity and improve your workflow. 

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