Not Just Another Meal Delivery Service

When Motivation is Low, We'll Help You Feel Inspired. Our Meal Delivery Service will be your best support system


It’s simple. We believe that living a healthy lifestyle is crucial for the quality of our lives. We know that life can be pretty busy sometimes, and staying healthy on a tight schedule can be challenging. If you ever tried to do your meal prep, you know how time-consuming it can be. We want to make it convenient and enjoyable for busy people, just like you!

Fortify is not just another meal delivery service. We care about your journey, and we are here to support and motivate you to achieve your goals! That’s why we always follow up with our professional personal customer service.

Our Values

To Promote a Healthy lifestyle

Rather than a short term diet, we support a long term solution. A healthy lifestyle means eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and balancing the number of calories you consume with the number of calories you get to burn.

To Provide Quality & Tasteful Meals

Healthy meals don’t have to be tasteless. In fact, our customers often point out the taste and freshness of our meals. We strive to make your taste buds happy so that you really enjoy eating the food.

To Provide Variety & Convenience

Our menus are balanced and updated weekly, ensuring you won’t get bored of them. We do all the planning, shopping and cooking to save your precious time so you can enjoy what really matters to you!



1. What is a meal prep service?

A meal prep service includes planning, shopping, cooking, packing and delivering homemade meals, which are (usually) re-heatable, directly to the customer.

2. What are the benefits of a meal prep service?

The main benefits are: a healthy diet made easy, convenience, time-saving, no need to count your calories or macros and more.

3. How do I get started?

Just choose the optimal service you need, place your order and let us take care of the rest. Whether it is meal packs or a whole meal plan you are looking for, Fortify is ready to help you reach your lifestyle goals.

4. Do I need to reheat my meals?

Our meals are delivered to you chilled. Depending on the nature of the meal, you can consume it cold or hot. We love a fresh chilled salad as much as the hot meat dishes. All you need to do to enjoy your meals hot is to reheat them in the microwave for 2 minutes!

5. What is the maximum number of days I can store my meals for?

A maximum of 2 – 3 days of storage is suggested to achieve the optimal freshness and nutritious qualities of the content. Thanks to the shape of our boxes, you can easily stack your meals in the fridge and enjoy them within the suggested time. And if you cannot have them on time, just freeze them till it’s convenient for you!

6. Will I need to prepare my food?

Our meals come fully cooked. Just reheat them straight in the microwave-safe container if you like and enjoy all the time saved by skipping the meal preparation.

7. Are your containers recyclable?

Yes, all meal containers are recyclable which means that you can enjoy healthy delicious meals without the cost of harming the environment!

Subscription Service - Meal Plans

1. What is the Payment Process?

A weekly/4 Week subscription service is provided. An automatic renewal for your subscribed plan will be deducted from your account on Thursdays. Please note that payments are non-refundable.

2. Can I cancel my Subscription?

If you wish to pause/cancel your subscription, you should do so by latest Wednesday of that week, prior to the auto renewal day i.e., on Thursday. This can be done through your settings from your Account.

If you pause/cancel your subscription after Thursdays, you are pausing the auto renewal payment but not any active/processed orders.

For orders where the first order has not yet been delivered, a 10% cancellation fee applies. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled once the first order has been delivered.

3. Subscription Terms & Condition

When opting for our Meal Plans, which are on a subscription-based service, you hereby authorize, agree and assent Fortify Meals to automatically bill your submitted credit card as part of the order process for the amount that is due. 

4. What is the Standard Service?

Our Standard Service consists in delivering your weekly meals straight to your door as prepared by our professional chefs. Delivery is according to the planned schedule (see Delivery section below).

5. What is the Premium Service?

Our Premium Service offers you a more customised service in terms of adding or removing ingredients from your meals, including allergens, likes and dislikes. You will be given an approximate delivery slot with the ability to customise your time and location, if you are unavailable.

This will cost an extra charge of €10 a day, where all meals are prepared by our team of professional chefs with the advice from our dietitian for accurate calorie range. Menus are rotated weekly and delivery at your comfort.

Meal PlanS

1. What is a Meal Plan?

A meal plan consists of calorie-counted meals with a rotated weekly menu. It is prepared by our team of professional chefs with the advice from our dietitian for an accurate calorie range.

2. What is the calorie counts for your meal plans?

3. How does it work with Meal Plans?

Once you have chosen your preferred Meal Plan, you can choose to have it delivered to you from a minimum of 4 days per week to a maximum of 7 days per week. Our Meal Plans are based on a subscription model (please see Subscription Services above)

4. What if I only require meals on specific days?

To make the process convenient for you, we offer the choice to select your preferred amount of days. A minimum of a four-day plan is required.

5. What if I am intolerant, allergic to or cannot eat a certain ingredient?

Kindly list any of the above in the ‘Order Notes’ on the checkout page, and we will make sure to remove such ingredients from your meal plan.

6. Can I change my nutritional requirements?

Yes, you can. This is possible with our premium service only.

7. Can I tweak my meal plan?

Yes, you can. This is possible by opting for our Premium Service which will give you full flexibility.

Meal Packs

1. What are Meal Packs?

Think of our Meal Packs as your meal prep – readily available, fresh meals delivered to you to simply grab-and-go for lunch and/or dinner. We have five different meal packs to choose from. All of these packs come in packs of 4, 6, 8 or 12 meals, accompanied with side dishes and seasonal vegetables.

2. How does it work with Meal Packs?

When you have chosen your preferred Meal Pack and how many packs you want, you can proceed to Checkout. Your Meal Pack will be delivered all at ones on the next available delivery date, on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday

3. What if I have an allergy or food intolerance?

Living with any kind of restriction can be challenging. We can adapt the meals for you without compromising the taste! Simply list your dietary requirements in the ‘Order Notes’ section or contact us directly.

4. What if I am vegetarian or vegan?

Good news! We offer tasty vegetarian and vegan options of meal packs, which you can select in the order section.

5. What if I want to remove a specific ingredient?

Sure! Removing a specific ingredient from your meal is possible free of charge. In order to replace it with another ingredient, extra charges may apply. Please let us know how we can help you.

6. How are meals delivered?

Meal packs are all delivered in one go and cannot be split in multiple deliveries. They are delivered in recyclable containers which can be stored in the refrigerator as well in microwave when reheating the meal.


1. Which locations do you deliver to?

We deliver across the whole island of Malta! That means you will get your meals straight to your door anywhere* you are!
*Gozo and Comino are currently not included.

2. Are there any delivery charges?

Deliveries are completely free of charge. However, when opting for the Standard Service, if a customer is not present on site and you require another delivery, a €10 charge will apply. In this case, customers will also be given the option for pickup, with no extra charges.

3. Are the meals delivered daily?

When opting for Standard Service, your meals will be delivered on the following days and time. To know what time you should expect your delivery, please refer to our pre-set delivery schedule below.

Meal packs are delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11.00 am onwards.

Meal Plans delivery schedule:

Sunday from 3.30pm onwards with Meals for Monday and Tuesday.
Tuesday from 11.00am onwards with Meals for Wednesday and Thursday.
Thursday from 11.00am onwards with Meals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When opting for our Premium Service, we will inform you with an approximate delivery slot. However, you will be able to customise your timings and location if you are unavailable at that time.

4. Can I opt for a pickup?

Yes, you can pick up your meals at your convenience, during the specific time slots. Kindly contact us for further details.

5. What if I need to cancel my order?

Kindly get in touch with us on (+356) 7992 1869 or (+356) 99703475 for at least 24hrs before the delivery date.


Our meal plans are not intended as medical advice. All nutrition information is provided as a courtesy and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Although Fortify Meals attempts to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures are estimates. Under no circumstances will Fortify Meals be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your reliance on the nutritional information provided on our website. While working with a certified nutritionist, we cannot guarantee improvements to specific conditions or weight loss without a personal consultation. We advise you to check your medical practitioner’s guidelines to make sure any of our meal plans comply with your health state and fitness level.