5-Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Here’s how Fortify can help you with a weight loss meal delivery!

The 5-day diet plan is quite common with many individuals, even if they do not know it by this name. In summary, this diet plan revolves around the premise of eating in a stricter ‘calorie deficit for 5 days a week (normally people opt for weekdays here) and eating in the maintenance calorie range for the remaining two days of the week (usually weekends are popular here).

Let’s look at this in more detail.

What is the 5-Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

For starters, this diet plan is appealing to those who want to live a healthier lifestyle and do not have a specific time limit for when they would like to lose weight.

Being in a calorie deficit means that you will be eating fewer calories than you burn out during the day. In the 5-day diet plan, you will be in a stricter calorific deficit for five days. They do not have to be consecutive days, but they will have to be in the same week.

For the remaining two days of the week, the plan allows you to be in a maintenance range. This means that you will be eating the same number of calories that you burn out throughout the day. Here, you will be striving for maintenance and not fat loss. These days sound like ‘cheat meals’ but they are known as refeed days (days in which you intentionally consume more calories on a calorie deficit journey).

However, does this mean that these two days will hinder your weight loss progress? Absolutely not! Looking at the whole week, being in a stricter calorie deficit for 5 days means that your body will allow leniency for the remaining two days.

Fat loss can still be achieved through the 5-day diet plan. What’s more, is that there is room for ‘extra’ food and calories during the two maintenance days which you might need if you intend to eat out with friends and/or family.

The best aspect about this plan is that, although you might feel slightly restricted for 5 days (but we have a remedy for that!), you can make up for it, of course with balance, in your two maintenance days.

What to Eat During Your 5 Calorie Deficit Days?

Here’s where it gets easy for you. Here at Fortify Meals, we have it all planned out for you. Your 5-day diet plan can be made simpler and easier to follow with our weight loss meal delivery. By choosing any of our weight loss meal plan delivery (the Balanced Plan if you are in a calorie deficit), you will be able to select the 5-day option.

For five days of the week, you will have fresh and readily available meals that are calorie counted between 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day – perfect for a strict calorie deficit.

Fortify Meals are not like any other meal prep company. The menu is rotated weekly so you will never get bored of eating the same meals over and over again. What’s more, is that all our meals are planned and reviewed by a certified dietitian and our team of professional chefs.

All meals will be delivered straight to your door saving you time and money without the added hassle of grocery shopping and calorie counting! Your 5-day diet plan will not get any more hassle-free than this!

Moreover, if you are not in a calorie deficit, and would still like to make use of our 5-day meal service, you can select our Power Plan (perfect to fuel your training) or our Convenience Plan (the ultimate time-saving solution for lunch and dinner).

The Benefits of a 5-Day Diet Plan

There are many reasons why a 5-day diet plan or refeed days work and can be beneficial.

  • They provide a temporary break from your diet plan and from your low-calorie meals. This can help with dietary compliance.
  • They help to normalise leptin levels which can boost your metabolism.
  • They help with decreasing your cravings and appetite throughout the week.
  • They refuel your muscle glycogen stores which allows for more effective workouts on your training days.

It sounds crazy, right? However, by temporarily eating more food, it will make it easier to stick to your diet while also elevating your metabolism so that you can lose more weight in the days after your refeed days.

Of course, one should not go overboard in these maintenance days as, remember, you are still on a low-calorie diet mission. However, you and your body should be pleased with these days as they give you more room for one of the greatest things in life…FOOD!

Get your 5-day weight loss meal plan delivery sorted with Fortify Meals. Contact us for more information and get to know more about our plans here.

If you’re looking for ultimate convenience, you can also opt for a 6-day plan or a 7-day plan with Fortify Meals. It is entirely your choice!

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